17 Jul 2009 @ 10:58pm


『55』 Dima Bilan
『25』 ayumi hamasaki
『25』 Sergey Lazarev
『25』 Madonna
『40』 Wonder Woman

『15』 Darin Zanyar
『45』 Supergirl
『20』 Ben Barnes
『10』 Joe Jonas
『05』 Jewel
『10』 Zac Efron
『15』 Bonnie Tyler
『05』 Ruslana
『05』 September

『10』 Alexander Rybak
『05』 September
『25』 Cher
『05』 Cyndi Lauper

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17 Jul 2009 @ 10:58pm


『55』 Dima Bilan
『25』 ayumi hamasaki
『25』 Sergey Lazarev
『25』 Madonna
『40』 Wonder Woman

『15』 Darin Zanyar
『45』 Supergirl
『20』 Ben Barnes
『10』 Joe Jonas
『05』 Jewel
『10』 Zac Efron
『15』 Bonnie Tyler
『05』 Ruslana
『05』 September

『10』 Alexander Rybak
『05』 September
『25』 Cher
『05』 Cyndi Lauper

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15 Feb 2009 @ 09:07pm



[45]Dima Bilan 『Дима Билан』
[28]ayumi hamasaki 『浜崎あゆみ』
[09]Dario Dolce 『ダリオ・ドルチェ』
[11]Ananda Everingham 『อนันดา เอเวอริ่งแฮม』
[10]Sergey Lazarev 『Сергей Лазарев』
[19]Seiko Matsuda 『松田聖子』
[21]Koda Kumi 『倖田來未』

[08]Dempsey Stearns 『デンプシー・スターンズ』
[06]Kyle Joseph Konnor 『カイル・ジョセフ・コナー』

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18 Oct 2008 @ 10:18pm


[15]Dima Bilan
[13]Lady GaGa
[16]Darin Zanyar
[16]Nick Tweed-Simmons
[18]ayumi hamasaki
[09]Jake Gyllenhaal
[13]Christina Aguilera
[08]Nick Jonas
[06]Celine Dion

[04]David Archuleta
[05]Green Lantern
[10]The Flash

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moscow-guy)25 Aug 2006 @ 07:50pm


Photographer - me
Model - my friend Roma




ME27 Aug 2005 @ 04:25am

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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25 May 2005 @ 02:29pm


hey boys!

i jus joined today!

i love the cock!

i love nipples too!

Nude BodyBuilder, Male Muscle

tell me wut yall think

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confussed23 May 2005 @ 04:56pm

is he being distant?

BuffFiremanEMT: hey
BuffFiremanEMT returned at 2:58:35 PM.
sexayboi1: hello baby
sexayboi1: how are you doing

BuffFiremanEMT: ok
sexayboi1: listen i want to tell you im sorry
BuffFiremanEMT: y?
sexayboi1: for stressing you out so much
sexayboi1: making things complicated when there not
sexayboi1: i mean before you know when we talked...
sexayboi1: you there>?
BuffFiremanEMT: yea
sexayboi1: so whats up
BuffFiremanEMT: idk...
BuffFiremanEMT: i was listening to you
sexayboi1: i want to see you
sexayboi1: dont let me go
BuffFiremanEMT: I want to seeyou too
sexayboi1: "Sometimes the things we want most come not only
when we least expect them, but when we least want them. If you have to ask
yourself if something is made to fail, at the same time, shouldn't you question
why you continue to attempt to prevent it from failing?"
BuffFiremanEMT: hmmm
sexayboi1: maybe the reason is we both have strong feeling for eachother and then honestly its bound to happen
BuffFiremanEMT: maybe
sexayboi1: when things seem to be great we always find ways to make them not great and then we look to the greater things in life that we think can be greater yet to find we also make those things not as great as we thought we continue to look and look and when we stop... something happens. the great things find us.
BuffFiremanEMT: i know...
sexayboi1: for people who have lost trust and have been hurt we decide two things.. should we do this and risk getting hurt or do we just let it go and not put the feelins to the test and let the relationship take its course all by itself. if we do without any effort the relationship fades and eventualy it doesnt matter .. the grass is always greener. but!.... are you happy with the side of the fence you decided to stay on..?
sexayboi1: we ask ourselves these questions all the time. i know im always trying to find something better.. "The next Best thing" when do we decide we have the "BEST" thing...
BuffFiremanEMT: IDK...
BuffFiremanEMT: u tell me
sexayboi1: im just talking..
sexayboi1: not asking..
sexayboi1: these are words of thought. .. an understanding...
BuffFiremanEMT: i see
BuffFiremanEMT: not to cut u short
BuffFiremanEMT: but i need to make a few phone calls quick
BuffFiremanEMT: i'll brb
sexayboi1: ok
sexayboi1: It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Yet with care a boulder may be placed in a pool of water without so much as a ripple; and when you are able to do this, you are able to look at your reflection, and watch yourself be one of the most amazing people in the world.
sexayboi1: to me you are amazing....
sexayboi1: If I could come back as one thing, I would come back as your tear! What more could I want then to be conceived in your heart, born in your eye, live on your cheek, and die on your lips.
BuffFiremanEMT: ha ha
BuffFiremanEMT: are you having fun reading
sexayboi1: oh yes!
sexayboi1: more than you know..
BuffFiremanEMT: lol
BuffFiremanEMT: and why is that
sexayboi1: im getting to know the REAL you
sexayboi1: your mind
sexayboi1: your thoughts
sexayboi1: feelings.. on paper..
sexayboi1: well computer hehe
BuffFiremanEMT: lol
sexayboi1: ill take a bottom to go please!
BuffFiremanEMT: ha ha
BuffFiremanEMT: yea
BuffFiremanEMT: that would be nice
sexayboi1: pay it with a kiss
sexayboi1: its all of them....but to me its mainly the companionship and having someone that u can turn to when u need someone to tlk to or to comfort u....someone who can be there when u need them the most and u kno that they are there because they want to be there out of love and no because they feel bad for u
sexayboi1: good answer!
sexayboi1: i sent it to a friend and he says....."look at it this way: we are, after all, MEN. men like sex. a LOT."

sexayboi1: so, although I have moved beyond the need and acting on shallow sex,
sexayboi1: being a man, I occassionally see a boy or something that I quite possibly could randomly jump LOL but wouldn't

sexayboi1: I now place a greater value on building a stronger foundation with a apartner, than actually having meaningless trysts

sexayboi1: i ask...."and why wouldnt you.. im looking for feedback"

sexayboi1: because I now know the value of love more than I did then. I mean, on a carnal level, there are LOTS of hot bois I see that I would "do", but, I look at the overally benefit/detriment analysis

sexayboi1: and sadly, the detrements outweigh the benefits in nearly all cases

BuffFiremanEMT: wow...
sexayboi1: i know...
sexayboi1: good thoughts...
sexayboi1: "bottom line: I would love to be able to, in a perfect world, fuck every hot boi I see, cuz I have a very active sex drive
but, even diseases aside, that will no longer benefit my life in any postive way.
I need more than that now."

BuffFiremanEMT: I hear you...
sexayboi1: "because. I want love"
sexayboi1: this is what he is saying
sexayboi1: i think its good stuff
BuffFiremanEMT: huh?
BuffFiremanEMT: what who is saying
sexayboi1: a friend of mine
sexayboi1: he is sharing his views on things
sexayboi1: i feel the same way
BuffFiremanEMT: i see
sexayboi1: the feeling that you have somebody there who cares for you whether you live or die. not just how hard you pound them lol
and here's a lil tid-bit for ya
the sex is ALWAYS better

BuffFiremanEMT: lol
BuffFiremanEMT: come holdme
sexayboi1: AWE
sexayboi1: ok honey
sexayboi1: um hon when you going to work
BuffFiremanEMT: soon
sexayboi1: oh ok.. awe
sexayboi1: in a bit im going to shower and come down to check this apartment out.. there is actually two people now who want me to move in so im looking at two.. one of them is DT buff..
sexayboi1: he has a tanning bed in his apt and a work out gym.. hehe
sexayboi1: one of them
sexayboi1: aND HE said he might be able to get me a job at a bank he works at
sexayboi1: good money there
BuffFiremanEMT: who is that?
sexayboi1: um.. he is 30 i forget his name lol'
sexayboi1: its in my phone though
sexayboi1: he drives a 300v or something convertable
sexayboi1: i just started talking to him last night
sexayboi1: so i dont know a lot about him
sexayboi1: but i would rather move DT i think
sexayboi1: but we will see
sexayboi1: i have to check it out i want to come down to move closer to you so bad.. i need to make these moves fast so i can get settled and be able to spend more time with you
sexayboi1: of course whenever you get free time i know your buisy a lot now
sexayboi1: i miss you baby
sexayboi1: i really do i hope you trst me and us and want this as much as i do
sexayboi1: im doing everythign i can to make you happy. i want you happy and being with you makes me happy
sexayboi1: you know my feelings as i said they only grow with you and even though sometimes i feel your drifting.. im staying afloat and waiting for when your ready for me to rescue you and we can find that island of our very own to live on .....
sexayboi1: say something honey let me know your there
BuffFiremanEMT: um
BuffFiremanEMT: i wasn't here
BuffFiremanEMT: I was showering
sexayboi1: why didnt you tell me honey
sexayboi1: i was talking and thought you were there
BuffFiremanEMT: i thought i threw an away message up
BuffFiremanEMT: never clicked the button to put it up though
BuffFiremanEMT: and I didn't think it was going to take me that long
sexayboi1: well you were talking to me kinda between your phone calls so i wouldnt thought you would tell me hang on im about to shower to let me know baby
BuffFiremanEMT: lol
BuffFiremanEMT: sry
sexayboi1: you dont talk to me alot anymore.. is everything ok?
sexayboi1: no more phone calls in the morning to wake me.. no messages.. you leave without saying anything.. your not talking on here as much...whats up honey?
BuffFiremanEMT: just busy
sexayboi1: just a lot going on.. and stuff
BuffFiremanEMT: ok
BuffFiremanEMT: i G2G
BuffFiremanEMT: TTYL
BuffFiremanEMT: KISSES
BuffFiremanEMT is away at 4:37:08 PM.

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Long and awaited27 Sep 2004 @ 09:38pm

Xodus Magazine Boywatch Spread
You can buy it at http://www.xodusmag.com
or at your nearest local Gay Friendly Magazine Stand

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09 Aug 2004 @ 11:07pm

Sorry guys, I've gotta drop this community. It's not that I don't love you, it's just that I don't really come here anymore. Thanks for the time.




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